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Biting your nails can weaken intelligence!

Children who take the habit of biting their nails don’t know it, but they risk weakening their IQ, which is what was found during a recent study on the subject.

This number has exerted a fascination on us for thousands of years. The Golden Number is represented by the Greek letter Phi after the Greek sculptor Phidias (500 BC), who used it to achieve the statue of Athena in the Parthenon in Athen. But it actually already existed, as it can be found at the temple of Andros (10.000 BC) and particularely on the pyramid of Kheops (2800 BC). Geometers, philosophers and architects hold that the Golden Number is no less than a unique set of exact proportions, a kind of dimensional harmony that leads to precise proportions.

Whether we speak about the general proportions of a structure or certain details within it, the use of the Golden Number always achieves a perfect visual balance. Painters such as Gericault in « L’amour vache » or Dali and Picasso used it. Defined by a mathematical equation, the Golden Number is magical because it can be used in many different cases. It represents the half-base height ratio of the Kheops pyramid, just as accurately as certain proportions expressed in the paintings of the Renaissance or, closer to our time, in the construction of the Thoiry castle in France.


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