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5 Tips to Enjoy your Office Christmas Party... Without The Hangover

Break out the tinsel and the tequila shots, it's office Christmas party season again! Know the reason why you MUST attend, and also read some tips to help you have the best possible time with the big cheeses and your fellow rat racers.

Fireworks were invented by the Chinese more than 2,000 years ago, and they were first used in the belief that the loud explosions would scare off ghosts and evil spirits. The Chinese also introduced the practice of setting off fireworks during New Year's celebrations, to make sure that nothing bad goes on in the coming year. In modern times, however, a colourful fireworks display takes place for revellers to have a good time, looking up at the sky, illuminated with larger-than-life bright fiery showers of colour.

Fireworks basically operate on the same principle as other explosives; a mixture made up of blasting powder, and a 'palette' of chemicals, depending on the desired colour. These are sodium for yellow, copper for blue, calcium nitrate for orange, lithium for red, barium chloride for green. White-hot metals are even used, such as magnesium for white, aluminium for silver, and iron for gold.


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