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8 Tips to Make Your Kids Finally Listen to What You’re Saying

“You never listen to me!” This is the type of remark you often hear coming out of the mouths of parents and kids. Here are 8 tips for better communication with your kids!

Erotic dreams do not necessarily reflect one’s desire to have sex. However, they do successfully indicate a person’s present state of mind. The following is a collection of relatively common dreams and their interpretations.

The woman without a face
- The dream: You are making love to a stranger whose facial features are shrouded or blurred. The more you are deriving pleasure from this session, the more her face is impossible to recognize.
- The interpretation: You are trying to gain a pleasurable experience without lending any emotional tie. Your erotic subconscious is willing you to have sexual intercourse without the added worry of knowing who she is or what she may be feeling.

The return of an ex
- The dream: This dream sees you in bed with an ex-girlfriend. You don’t seem to be taking pleasure from this encounter, yet you are clearly in a sexual setting.
- The interpretation: If you have recently met someone new, this dream has come to your subconscious as a means of closure. By dreaming of your ex, this doesn’t mean that you are feeling a hidden urge to renew the old flame; instead, you are expressing a longing to make do with the past and move on.

Making love in public
- The dream: You are in the throes of passion while strangers are looking on.
The interpretation: This has nothing to do with a secret fetish of being watched! In this case, you are showing signs of unease with your sexuality. You feel a certain shame about enjoying intimate practices, which, to your embarrassment, are also a source of great pleasure.


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