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What Causes Road Rage?

Everyone has experienced some form of "road rage", but in some cases, it is a sign of a more serious mental disorder. Plus some tips to prevent totally losing your temper behind the wheel.

Think back for a moment and ask yourself, 'When was the last time I was truly awed?'. Hollywood's big blockbuster special effects packed movies are designed to achieve exactly this state in their audiences; one of awe, wonderment and admiration. But is it working?

Not too many years ago, audiences sat bedazzled in movie houses watching an animated rubber ape with fur glued onto it climb a model of the Empire State Building. Those same audiences were overjoyed and genuinely thrilled at the sight of a certain talking mouse accompanied by a duck in a sailor suit.

Flash Gordon was the master of the universe with his space craft hanging from clearly visible strings yet this did not diminish respect for him in the eyes of even adult audiences. Just a few years later, the sight of Darth Vader in his black plastic mask and cape were enough to have kids running for cover and hiding under the movie seats. Such was the dread and wonderment that this character instilled.


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