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7 Erotic Dreams Interpreted

An erotic dream doesn’t reside in imagining a horde of nymphs sprawled on a bed of roses. It’s a manifestation of an individual’s state of mind. Why not learn a little more about this phenomenon…

1. Being qualified to answer
The wish to help a co-worker you like doesn't necessarily mean you're a specialist in the subject. To help your co-worker to get on the right track primarily depends on the circumstances surrounding the topic. This is why you may be tempted to give a good answer in itself, but one that is not related to the situation at hand. Ask yourself this: 'Why on Earth would I be capable of answering that?' That's the first step in determining whether you are up for the task.

2. Putting yourself in the other's shoes
Oftentimes, the error committed by the advice-giver is thinking that, since it worked for him (or her) then it should work for anybody! Wrong! What can only result is a pre-fabricated answer which may be completely out of the situation's real context. What you must do therefore, is put yourself in that person's shoes, think for a minute and look at the situation with more objectivity. If you cannot do this, then you're not the right person for the job. Ignoring the fact that you are unable to see it through the other's eyes only means you will likely give out some very wrong advice. Be honest in your judgment and think it through.


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