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5 Things to Know About Keeping Your Cool Over the Phone

Your charm must have been working wonders when she finally gave you her phone number. Will you be able to maintain your cool once you pick up that phone for the first time?

1. Learn three numbers by heart
In order to intelligently evaluate your offer, you must determine the salary bracket your position belongs to. Conduct a search on the Internet, read job postings and ask your colleagues. Match that number against your professional abilities, your education and your work experience. You may also wish to determine where you fare professionally by taking our Career Assessment Test. Only then will you be in a better position to define which compensation bracket you belong to. Before commencing any discussions, please keep in mind the following numbers:
- Your bare living necessities (how much you need to survive: food, rent, etc);
- The amount you calculated according to your years of experience;
- Your desired salary.
Take into account only the last two numbers as an introduction to the negotiation process, as the first number is purely personal.

2. Knowing how to talk big numbers
Never accept the first offer out of hand, except, of course, if it surpasses your most extraordinary expectations! This may be your only and most important opportunity to have the upper hand in the matter. So take advantage of the situation by letting your listener know that you expect a little more generosity on his part. Don’t be the first person to throw out a number. If asked how much you are expecting to make, pause and then answer: “What’s the usual salary for this position?” The person you are sitting across from may give you a false answer, so make sure you give a number that’s 10% or 20% above your highest expectation. When your turn to speak comes, whatever you do, don’t stay fixed on a single number.


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