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Would a Raise Make You Happier in 2009?

If you ask just about any person this question, the reponse would be a resounding yes, but according to research, it is usually not true.

Sometimes, the best holiday is one that is spent without the fuss of travelling to a foreign place: no worries about long waiting hours at the airport, blowing your budget on so-called 'tourist prices', or taking chances with curious methods of food preparation. There can be two types of a stay-at-home holiday: the first one takes the phrase literally, the second can be filled with visits to all those local places that you always promised yourself that you would see. Here are some ways to make your 'stay at home' holiday restful, fulfilling and economical.

Stay at home...literally

The break from work can be a great opportunity to take the time to make improvements around the house. After all, when was the last time you gave your home due attention? We're not talking about general house repairs and cleaning, but sprucing up the house with those little luxuries that can be bought with the money that may have otherwise been spent on an out-of-town holiday. What about that plasma TV you've been dreaming about? That could go well with an indulgent DVD-watching marathon of movies or TV serials you've missed because you were too stressed out from work. Or perhaps get that soft-as-clouds couch set you spotted while window shopping, and you figured would look great in your living room. Catch up on your reading and precious sleep on your brand new couch. You know you deserve it.


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