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I Think I’m Gonna Score!

When a guy hits on a girl, he very often has just one thing in his head... And, as Robin Williams once pointed out, God gave men only enough blood supply to run one at a time!

Colors take on a more important role in our every day than we would like to think. They influence our moods and our behavior. People tend to purchase their items of clothing according to the colors they like best. Unfortunately for us, they don’t always correspond to the colors which suit us best. The color of your skin, eyes and hair are important elements one should consider before picking out a shirt or a blouse. To determine which colors look best on you, color consultants around the world are here to help you get on the right track. Their techniques include draping different color cloths around your body and studying how shades and light play their magic against your natural body colors.

What a color consultant does is divide the colors into four different palettes, each representing one of the four seasons. A winter palette, for example, includes those tones which are flamboyant and changing such as blue/mauve hues and browns speckled with greens. Summer palettes have softer pastel-like colors. Spring colors offer more fruity variations such as blue azure and cherry red. Autumn’s palette contains more spicy colors such as navy blue, deep orange or dark green. After having studied the way light reflects off each palette against your skin, the consultant concludes which colors look best on you and suggests the various tones that are also compatible with the colors of your season.


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