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Big Boss is watching you!

New technologies improve production in the work place but they are also an excellent tool for "policing" employees. Videosurveillance, e-mail tapping: will your boss stop at nothing?

Overwork is a unique occupational hazard; it can affect any person who has a job regardless of age, position or personality. A person can literally collapse under the work load, become more and more irritable as soon as the alarm clock rings, when confronted with annoying colleagues or demanding clients. These are all symptoms that indicate that work is taking a toll on your health. The one common trait that links individuals who suffer from this malaise is: that they are not immediately aware of their problem. Thankfully however, it’s quite within anyone’s reach to prevent this problem from escalating further:

1. Identifying Fatigue
Its symptoms differ depending on your persona, but the common behaviors appear to be: absence of desire, of taste and generally speaking, a loss of joy of living. Physical loss of energy, hyper-sensitivity and even suicidal tendencies also count among the obvious signs. As total exhaustion does not occur from one day to the next, you must heed to the signs that point to fatigue.

2. Understanding Your Position in the Company
This is the most common cause of depression: the employee crumbles under a disproportionate range of responsibilities. He doesn’t understand his use at work anymore and usually he accepts any additional work without batting an eyelid. His only option must be to avoid differences and conflict at all costs. He must say "no" to his co-workers and of course preserve his motivation while concentrating on what he is doing, so as not to waste his efforts.

3. Preventing low Self-Esteem
If you begin thinking that you’re not worth anything and that you’re not interested in yourself, then you are taking slow steps towards total loss of energy. It is not a question of developing disproportionate pride but the best thing to do is to preserve your self-esteem so as not to pave the way to depression. This is precisely the vicious circle a work overload precedes: you begin to undervalue yourself and produce work which is below your true potential only to end up losing your self-confidence...

4. Listening to your Desires
Under no circumstance should you muffle that inner voice that often reminds you to "snap out of it". It often comes disguised as a migraine whose chronic repetition is only the prelude to an imminent breakdown. It’s important not to be so hard on yourself. Don’t try to convince yourself that you’re on the brink of a mental shutdown and that the only remedy is a little self administered lashes of the whip...


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