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Tetris: intelligence building blocks?

This famous electronic game consists of piling up bricks, and it has proven to be quite a neuron stimulator. What a coincidence, thatís exactly what its creator intended!

Iron to the brainís rescue: The fact of eating green vegetables, especially spinach or broccoli, is good for the memory when it comes to verbal intelligence and concentration abilities. In addition, according to a study carried out on millions of volunteers across Europe by the Scottish University of Stirling, leafy veggies help retard the mental signs of ageing, namely senility. You donít like spinach? No sweat, cauliflower or lettuces also possess these magical effects, by attenuating the signs of mental ageing.

The scientists at the root of this study conducted their research over a period of ten years. They began by gathering green vegetable lovers and comparing them to people who didnít quite fancy their greens. As the years progressed, each participant was tested to measure cognitive loss such as memorizing a list of words after 15 minutes, listing as many number of fruits and animals as possible, and even counting numbers backwards.


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