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Your tutorial on self-confidence was quite informative to say the least. I'll try to make a good use of it. Thank you!
Stevie T. Amarillo - TX

When I discovered you were offering a tutorial on how to develop the art of persuasion, I really thought it was an empty promise. I still read it and I congratulate you for all the wise tips you included. I feel a lot stronger and lot better armed to ask my boss for that raise!
Fabio C. - Chino Hills, CA


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Improve your Personality

A tutorial with tips and advice on how to feel comfortable in any situation you will ever find yourself in. A tutorial with tips and advice on how to develop and consolidate your level of motivation: the fundamental basis of your persona. A tutorial with tips and advice on how to acquire the art of persuasion, become trustworthy in the eyes of others and how to present your arguments with conviction. A tutorial with tips and advice on how to truly master your gestures and movements, and how to avoid being betrayed by them. Having self-esteem cannot be learned; but with a little patience and a dose of motivation, all is possible. This is a tutorial with tips and advice on how to help you accept yourself as you are.
Being creative requires a sense of independence and an autonomous mind to act and be able to handle yourself when faced with a difficult situation. This is a list of 50 tips and advice on how to boost your creativity.
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A collection of 50 useful and practical tips to better manage your social skills and excel in all the major areas of emotional intelligence.

How Do I Use These Tutorials?

1. Each tutorial is designed to help you achieve a single objective: Gaining Self-Confidence, How to Be Motivated, Improve Your Persuasion Skills, Control Your Body Language, 50 Tips to Boost Your Self-Esteem, 50 Tips to Develop Your Creativity, 50 Tips to Master Your Emotional Intelligence. It is offered as a five to six page document format for easier printing.

2. Each tutorial includes simple exercises to complete in an effort to obtain progress in the chosen field. The user must follow the guidelines step by step if he or she wishes to reach the desired goal.

3. To verify whether the user has understood all the information contained in each tutorial, examples and practice questions have been added to each step.

4. In order for a tutorial to be fully comprehended, we suggest that you read the whole tutorial in its entirety (discovery phase), then read it through a second time and take the time to observe the examples given (comprehension phase). Depending on your speed of assessment, a tutorial should take you between 30 minutes and an hour to complete. Note: these tutorials are not theoretic courses. They enable the user to obtain a steady understanding of a particular subject. They include the best ways available, to achieve the desired objective.

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