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After my divorce I had the tendency to close out a lot of people, especially men. I know I'm still in denial after what happened, but your tutorials helped me pull through. I truly appreciate what you've done.
Amanda P. - Platteville, WI

Thank you! I haven't actually found Mr. Right, but I'm well on my way! For one, I've actually gotten myself out of this chair to see the outside world. I even went out on a lunch date!! It may not sound like a big deal to you, but it is to me!
Rose N. - Grand Forks, ND


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Improve Your Power to Seduce (female)

If the perfect man is a fantasy, then your rare gem might be lurking somewhere in your immediate vicinity. Here's a way to find out where he is hiding All women have the potential to seduce but most have opted to leave that possibility aside. This tutorial will help awaken that potential and put it to good practice. Men are not always obsessed by a woman's curves or their silhouette. This tutorial will open your eyes on what men really look for in a woman. This tutorial includes tips on the various ways of stirring up a stagnant relationship and inviting your man to awaken his animal instincts.
If all women are naturally able to please a man, so should their personality orient them towards more refined techniques and towards a particular type of man.
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This is a step-by-step guide on how to transform a mundane encounter into a true love story. It's up to the woman to make that choice.

How Do I Use These Tutorials?

1. Each tutorial is designed to help you achieve a single objective: Finding a Good and...Available Man, How to Become More Attractive, How to Better Understand Men, Trigger a Man's Desire, Seduce Him With Your Personality, How to Make Him Crazy in Love With You. It is offered as a five to six page document format for easier printing.

2. Each tutorial includes simple exercises to complete in an effort to obtain progress in the chosen field. The user must follow the guidelines step by step if he or she wishes to reach the desired goal.

3. To verify whether the user has understood all the information contained in each tutorial, examples and practice questions have been added to each step.

4. In order for a tutorial to be fully comprehended, we suggest that you read the whole tutorial in its entirety (discovery phase), then read it through a second time and take the time to observe the examples given (comprehension phase). Depending on your speed of assessment, a tutorial should take you between 30 minutes and an hour to complete. Note: these tutorials are not theoretic courses. They enable the user to obtain a steady understanding of a particular subject. They include the best ways available, to achieve the desired objective.

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