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Steve - Rolling Hills Estates - (USA) Monday, February 4
The test is excellent. This test is one out of twelve online IQ tests that I have taken. I averaged the top eight scores and got a score of 130. On this test I got a 136. My range in the top eight scores is 126 - 136, and my "childhood IQ" was approximately 130, also. This test among others gave me a strong indication of my intellectual capabilities. Because of this test and others, I know I am capable of becoming an actuary some day or ultimately getting a PHD in Applied Mathematics. I already have a BS in Mathematics. At 34, I am a former Army Officer and a current Commercial Real Estate Property Manager/Developer. I have had an "itch" to fulfill my potential and I think my potential is to do what I said above. These online tests can help you "find yourself" so that you can go after your full potential.
Anil Kumar - Hyderabad - (India) Saturday, December 1
Hi, The test was perfectly designed and organised. I have found myself in a position where I can decide upon type of career perfectly fits to me which was given in a descriptive manner
nancy low - - (singapore) Friday, October 19
I find the test informative and interesting. The results it provides is an insight beyond what we know about ourself. A chance to rediscover and reinvent our senses, great!
Fred Ruddell - Vancouver - (Canada) Sunday, July 8
I found the test interesting although quite subjective. It generally was very informative and satisfying.
Carole Wilson - Kilbirnie - (U.K.) Monday, June 25
I enjoyed taking the XQ test, the questions were tasteful, without being too erotic, I was surprised I scored so high, because I didn't think I was so horny!!!
Diane - Texas - (USA) Tuesday, May 22
I have a fascination with online testing services like USAtests: I believe I was drawn to this site because I needed to know, within a carefully-prepared general knowlege test, where I would land intellectually--as a means to bolster my confidence. When someone is gifted intellectually, it is obvious to them, and others. But in school, this meant I fell into a category outside of Average, and that meant I was "different" from many of my peers. A prominent psychiatrist told me that the American population can roughly fall into a 86%/14% split. The 86%ers are the mainstream Americans, so to speak. But to those of us in the 14%, well, we can be looked upon as an oddity by the majority. That has sometimes put me on the outside looking in. The tests online at made me feel good about myself--- At last, it is OK to be smart inside a general population; I should not take it so personally if a few people look at me like I am crazy simply because I know what 'auscultation' means. So-- to the woman who despaired of coming in at 85 on her IQ test, I say: You go, girl! You are completely normal. And being that you came to this site to challenge yourself already means you have some strong stuff going for you. Consider retaking the test! When you are exhausted and stressed, your score can be drastically reduced. My IQ, when tested in clinical settings, varied widely from 110 to 129. I was very nervous with a tester standing over me, timing me, putting me through mental gymnastics. I scored so high in an anxiety measure, IQ testing just couldn't be as accurate as if I was a cool customer. The beauty of the online IQ test is that it frees me from that worry of performing under such intense scrutiny. So...I'll take my IQ test here when I am well rested, well away from the anxiety of being watched.
Gregor Sukara-Fielding - Sharjah - (UAE) Tuesday, March 20
I really liked the IQ test.It could help me in my academic work a lot and in other tests.I did finish the test quite quickly,so mabye if I slowed down a bit I could do better.I struggled a bit with question 6.I didn't understand it until I finished. Also I think question 3 is a bit missleading.
Jan - - (UK) Tuesday, September 5
Good tests, well structured advice - will definitely recommend it to friends.....truly excellent!
Zohaib Zahid - Jeddah - (Saudi Arabia) Saturday, August 5
Once I looked at the detailed IQ test report, I was surprised to know things that where in me but was never able to accept them or believe in them. The report also briefly suggests ideal careers which I found very interesting.
lesley - airlie beach - (australia) Thursday, July 13
Thanks, the tests were great, and was particularly pleased to discover the EQ test on your site. Thanks for the detailed report, I had fun reading it. Cheers
William - Menlo Park - (USA) Friday, April 14
Your EQ test showed that I am making some progress regarding my relationship with people in general. Thanks.
Christina - - (Philippines) Friday, March 24
This is a great site. Ive taken the IQ test and now I know my capacity as well as my strengths and weaknesses in different subject areas. Thank you.
Paul Hollyoak - Staffordshire - (England) Monday, April 25
I found this test interesting because I wanted to learn more about myself. My resume is all sales work and I wanted to change career and find something more suitable - so I took the job test. I was amazed to find out how much i'd changed since taking the test a year ago. Similar jobs came up once again but I have become more reserved and more scientific? The suggested career choices this time were more scientific based as opposed to customer relations and sales. If your having super positive days and bad days then it would be a good idea to take the test again. If the results are the same then our personality traits are accurate. Who knows, perhaps I'll even be designing my own one day like Professor Binet?
Kavita - Ontario-Brampton - (Canada) Friday, February 11
I found your product while surfing through google for IQ tests for kids. The test was great for one time go. The mode of payment was good and the price is reasonable. I suggest, there be different sets of questions for those who want to take it more than once secondly there should be test for the age group of 5-7 yrs. Regards.
Patick - - () Monday, December 20
Your test is very professional. The strategy of giving you a chance of answering the questions first before paying I think attracts more customers and is a good strategy. I think the price can be experimented making it cheaper to increase sales. I also suggest you add more tests. Yours- Patrik Laszlo.
Saloka, Kelly - - () Friday, December 17
Your test was an interesting mixture of spatial, verbal, and mathematical probability. I am an educator and have studied intensely the indicators of IQ vs EQ and find "intelligences" to be a relative term and very individualistic. My students who are likely to score higher in "stress management" scenarios do not always fit the high IQ profile, but are, in fact, quite resourceful, on the spot thinkers. The strategy of allowing to view the questions first was great. It lets you see what types of questions you'll be answering. Psychologically, if you invest so much time in the test, you are more likely to buy the report. I don't think it was overpriced or anything. A clinical psychologist would charge much more. I enjoyed the reasoning that was presented... however, reasoning is a relative skill, relative to your education and background. A different level of reasoning skill from specialized knowledge was employed, but not counted in the final outcome. It is good that you mention the variance factor of + or - 3. All in all it was fun. I'm certain that intuition is the highest level of consciousness, yet. Thanks a lot for the questions... Kelly
Steve Bishop - - () Saturday, November 13
Great site! Keep up the good work. Steve Bishop
Erin McKenna - - () Friday, November 12
I thought the price was great and so was the test. The personalization part was just ok. It was very personal and seemed pretty generic. Giving the answers and explaining them was great also… it was helpful to understand why I got some of them wrong. Overall, I thought the test was really great. Thanks very much,
Eric coley - - (USA) Thursday, September 16
I thought the website was user friendly and the method of payment was easy and secure enough for me to use. The test I took provided me with valuable input and a personalized report which I can use to continue my personal/professional growth. I look forward to my next series of test. Eric - USA
Tami Hand - - (USA) Thursday, September 16
I loved the way the test was set up and the whole test taking process offered. Being able to use paypal made it EXTREMELY convenient. I liked the idea of the personalized report and it speak well of me? You offer the best prices around (in my opinion) from what I have come across. Keep up the great site. I love the tests you offer. -- Tami, USA.
Lucy Child - - () Wednesday, July 7
The IQ test itself was well structured and clear in both presentation and instructions. The detail held within the results was both informative and insightful. The mode of payment is excellent and very easy. I am pleased to say that the personalized report speaks well of me. The price of the products were reasonable.
Chris - - () Friday, June 18
Hi! I liked the regular IQ Test, and am looking forward to taking the Expert test soon, and perhaps getting a full report for the two of them... Thanks again for the enjoyment and the good bang for the buck. Keep it up, and please inform me of new tests added to the site!
SnufflePartDeux - - () Friday, April 2
It was well done and I see no room for improvement. It pointed out my weakness in math, but then again I already knew that :)
Luke - - () Monday, March 29
I thought your IQ test was great, and I enjoyed taking it as much as I enjoyed reading the personalized report. I think I don't recall any questions where I thought the wording was ambiguous or unclear.
Beth - - () Thursday, March 25
I thought the test was great. I very much enjoyed taking it. The personal report was very insightful, for I always thought I was more of a mathematical person, when in fact that is my lowest point.

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