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For the fist time ever, I've got to admit that I was stumped! Your Expert IQ is quite difficult, but still intellectually pleasurable. Thanks guys.
ANDREW - Palm Springs, CA

I'm a member of Mensa and was able to answer 47 questions on the test. Nevertheless, I admit that this was a true challenge and I had a great time answering them. I also realized that my incorrect answers were merely silly errors on my part. Keep going.
PIERCE - Des Moines, IO

I did the two IQ tests from your website, one after the other. I got 115 on the first and 112 on the second. If I understood your personal report correctly, then I'm not such an idiot after all! Thanks for clarifying that fact… now wait till I tell my husband!
CYNTHIA - Carson City, NE

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How to take this test?
1. You have exactly 35 minutes to answer the 50 questions that follow. A countdown
will begin as soon as you start the test and begins again each time the contents of the succeeding page are fully displayed.

2. You cannot use a calculator, but pen and paper are permitted.

3. You cannot click the "Back" and "Refresh" buttons

4. Answer all questions, and if you are not able to, guess the answer. Intuitive responses are taken into account in the general evaluation.

5. If a question seems to suggest more than a single answer among the given choices, select the one that appears most obvious or more "reasonable" to you.

6. If a youngster of less than 16 years of age takes part in this test, our test evaluation will require adjustment. A method of evaluating childrens’ IQ according to their age is available on the results page at the end of the test.

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