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Tests to know yourself better They took the test!

Hi, thanx. I really had no problem taking the test. I'm very satisfied with the results. I'm really happy that I came off so intelligently! I feel truly confident and I had fun with it besides.
HELEN - San Diego

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How to take this test
1. This is not a timed test. You are given enough time to reflect on each of the 71 questions. You are allowed to consult a friend or dictionary while taking the test.

2. For each question, you are given three answers to choose from.
Select the option that you Most prefer.
Select the option that you Least prefer.
Leave one option Blank
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3. When answering the questions don't think too much about each response. The best results are attained when the intuitive answer is given. Relax, enjoy and discover your true motivations.

4. The results of your test will automatically be displayed upon completion of the test.

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